Almaz Yebio



Almaz - Almaz Yebio (1999)

  1. Lazy afternoon – J. Moross/ J. Latouche
  2. Cash in your face – S. Wonder
  3. Blue nights – A. Svensson
  4. Flying easyD. Hathaway, W. Lowe, F. Moss Jr
  5. Central stationA. Yebio
  6. d-ride – M. Ingvarsson
  7. The chimney sweeperK. Olofsson, C. Lindqvist/ W. Blake
  8. No matter – A. Yebio/ I. Ohlén
  9. Save meA. Svensson
  10. Song to a seagull – J. Mitchell

My first solo album, and it was indeed a solo project! All decisions made by me in every step of the process... very educational, but very tiresome and lonely. I worked closely together with Dragan Buvac, technician, musician and producer who really helped me finish the work. A variety of songs I love, and a variety of friends and fellow musicians I admire.

Almaz Yebio: sång, kör
Tommy Berntsson: klaviaturer
Jacob Karlzon: flygel
Mattias Svensson: kontrabas
Mats Ingvarsson elbas
Lisbeth Diers: slagverk
Rasmus Kihlberg: trummor
Dragan Buvac: elgitarr, trumprogrammering
Krister Jonson, Peter Tegnér: elgitarrer
Karl-Martin Almqvist: tenorsax
Och många fler, både sångare och blåsare....Tusen tack!

Arrangerad av Almaz Yebio
Inspelad hos dB productions av Dragan Buvac
Producerad av Dragan Buvac och Almaz Yebio

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