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Almaz Yebio Twist’n’shout started out in 1996. We had a couple of years before the new millennia with intense work for the group, but after that the members got busy with other projects. Back then we tried out different approaches to music, playing both originals and covers. We experimented quite a lot, trying to find the possibilities and the limitations for the instrumental setting of the group. We were fortunate to play quite a lot of gigs, and our pulsslag-tour in the spring of 2000 took us to no less than 16 cities all around Sweden.

In the fall of 2016 we met again. We remembered 20 years had gone by and realized how much fun and exciting it would be to continue where we left off! Now with so much more experience to draw from, both musically and of course from life in general. What an incredible feeling it was to play again!! This time around though, the focus is on our own music. Welcome to our world!

A few flashbacks:

"I got a smile on my face when I heard that Twist'n'shout will be out on the road touring again. The joy of playing music is many things, for instance to create something on stage that means everything for the people that are sharing that specific moment.
When the line between player and listener gets blurred, the artform becomes important and alive. This lives within Twist’n’shout."

- Jacob Karlzon, pianist

"When Almaz Yebio Twist’n’shout played their first gig at Jazzfesten, Malmoe in 1996, it was not only one of the top acts out of sixty or seventy, the band also represented something new. Great ambition and appetite, curiosity and the unabashed discovery that belongs to the youth. The quartet threw itself out in one of the most vulnerable and challenging areas of jazz music - the one without any chord instrument.
What came into existence then and there was a musical manifesto. All ears, talented, with Almaz’ warm and enormously rich and trustworthy voice as the focal point, the band Twist'n'shout was impossible to stop listening to. What a promise for the future!
Twenty years have gone by since the debut. The four musicians are all very accomplished and strong roll models in Swedish jazz today, a music that has surpassed the national confinement. They have joined forces again, not only to please the audience, but to keep a promise from the past."

- Magnus Bergkvist, producer Malmoe Jazz 1994-1997

Art of song, now available for streaming



Cd and/or digital files still available for purchase @

Go to MUSIC for the beautiful art work, one picture for every song!

The first review on Art of song!!

2017-05-08In swedish so far....

Art of Song, Out now!



I am so happy to announce that it is finally here, my duo recordning with pianist Aaron Parks, Art of song!!!! A very long project is now flying all on it's own, and I really look forward to hear what you think. Go to MUSIC for more on the recording, the lyrics and the composers.

My first own band, Almaz Yebio Twist'n'shout, is back together after 20 years! What a warm and great feeling to tour and make music again, as we did before christmas. We quickly decided to make an album, something we never did 20 years ago, so we are recording live this saturday in front of a small audience at Gula studion in Malmö. I promise I will get back with more info also on this project.

Twist'n'shout will be released on Deliberate music, our own record label, just as Art of song. More info to be found on

Stay tuned and I will keep in touch!

Recension från turnéstarten!



Guldnålen 2013


At my release concert I proudly recieved Jazz i Malmö's "Guldnålen", a yearly award acknowledging and encouraging a musician living and working in the Malmö area!

What a great evening, thank you Malmö!

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