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Artt of Song CD

Art Of Song - Almaz Yebio & Aaron Parks (2017)

  1. LoveNed Rorem [Thomas Lodge]
  2. Minstrel ManMargaret Bonds [Langston Hughes]
  3. The BirdsJohn Duarte [Hilaire Belloc]
  4. ElsewhereAaron Parks
  5. Visa i RoslagenLars Erik Larsson [Emil Hagström]
  6. AkvarellLars-Erik Larsson [Emil Hagström]
  7. FerryNed Rorem [Christina Rossetti]
  8. Omar's LamentJohn Duarte [Omar Khayyam]
  9. An EpitaphJohn Duarte [Walter de la Mare]
  10. CancionXavier Montsalvatge [Ildefonso Pereda Valdés]
  11. NanaManuel de Falla [(spanish folk song)]
  12. SovHeitor Villa-lobos [Beppe Wolgers]

A truly contemporary style, where the essence of the music is all that matters. Where genres are respected but their boundaries explored, where composition and intuition melt together.

That is what we searched for, and that is what we believe we’ve found!

Almaz Yebio: Vocals
Aaron Parks: Piano

Produced by Almaz Yebio
Recorded at Palaestra, Lund, by Christoffer Wallin
Mixed and mastered by Mats Ingvarsson
Piano prepared by Joacim Eriksson
Artwork by Jean Zuniga

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