Almaz Yebio



Wrappin' up - Rejoice Gospel Choir (2011)

  1. Little drummer boyK.K. Davies, arr. J. Bergman
  2. Silent night – Trad. arr. C. Palm
  3. Song for the hopeful – H. Connick Jr, arr. A. Yebio
  4. Children go where I send thee – Trad.
  5. The first nowellTrad. carol, arr. J. Bergman
  6. Steal awayTrad, arr. S-I Frisk
  7. Mary – J.Salomonsson
  8. Joy/Joy to the world – K.Franklin/ Trad, arr. M.Warren, W. Houston
  9. Säg Herde-Vaggsång – J. Höybye
  10. Imagine me – K.Franklin
  11. People get ready – C.Mayfield, arr. A. Yebio
  12. Final wraparr. A. Yebio

This album is not a traditional Christmas album. It is not even a typical gospel album. But, it is a typical Rejoice Gospel Choir album.

For the past seventeen years, we have had the pleasure of working with Almaz Yebio as our musical leader, inspiration and guide. Thanks to Almaz, we have been able to continuosly develop our own sound by digging into, not only gospel, but also related genres, like jazz, soul, hymns and visor (traditional Swedish songs). Combined, they have brought joy and development to our choir, and what better way to celebrate this than recordning an album just the way we like it! Most of the songs have got one connection or another to Christmas but we couldn't help adding a few favourites which suit any day, any season. That's our way of summing up seventeen great years together with Almaz, our way of Wrappin' up. Enjoy!

/Rejoice Gospel Choir

Almaz Yebio: musikalisk ledare, arrangör, kördirigent
Johan Bergman: klaviaturer
Krister Jonsson: gitarrer
Mats Ingvarsson: bas, slagverk
Marcus Liliequist: trummor
Arvid Ingvarsson: trummor på 'Children go where i send thee'

Inspelad hos Studio greven av Marcus Liliequist, hos LIV production av Christoffer Wallin
Inspelad och mixad hos Bonegoat Studio av Mats Ingvarsson
Mastrad hos Gula studion av David Carlsson
Producerad av Johan Bergman, Mats Ingvarsson och Almaz Yebio

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