Almaz Yebio


Here I share a small collection of reviews through the years, recordings and live performances.
I will continue to add on to the collection...

"..The monster band from Denmark/Sweden sailed the songs through african funk, Joni Mitchell-inspired guitar landscapes, restless New Orleans rolls and calm gospel feel. And I was astonished, again, at the relaxed precision, the resources of energy, the exquisite handling of the lyrics and the overall soulfullness in Almaz Yebio. "

"..and it was a wonderful concert with music hardly ever heard before. Will I ever experience it live again? [..] the voice impros from five very different singers soon became the main ingredient - action filled nerv balls within Stroman's secure musical framing. [..] Later on Yebio and Pettersson-Bratt started a duo impro, a flowing, swinging a cappella fountain with choral sounds as well as african echoes. Very cool. "

"..just before Almaz Yebio had reminded us of what a treasure she is to the music scene in Malmoe and in southern Sweden. I know very few artists who radiate so much music through their entire being as this singer. She can dive deep into feelings without becoming sentimental, serving the words flowingly but clearly. "

(A. Agrell, Sydsvenskan)

"..she has an unsually beautiful voice, Almaz Yebio, with a range enabling her to do about anything she pleases. Furthermore, her phrasing is dazzling, her technique impressive and her mind-set inventive and daring. "

(J. Olsson, Arbetet)

"..and she is good. Exactly how good is illustrated by the ballad sung with only Per Gade on the guitar. The audience at La Fontaine is young and often a noisy and boisterous croud. This night is no exception. But during the duo it becomes silent, totally silent throughout the club. A miracle! "

(K. Faber, Politiken)"

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