Almaz Yebio


Twist'n'Shout Notebook

Notebook - Almaz Yebio Twist'n'Shout (2017)

  1. The new notebookMattias Hjorth, Maria Banusn
  2. Central StationAlmaz Yebio
  3. Faltando um PedaçoDjavan
  4. HellsingskaAlmaz Yebio
  5. WarningAlmaz Yebio
  6. In flamesAlmaz Yebio
  7. Merry go roundMikael Godeé, Almaz Yebio
  8. Some Other TimeLeonard Bernstein,
    Betty Comden, Adolph Green

Almaz Yebio Twist’n’shout

started out in 1996. We had a couple of years before the new millennia with intense work for the group, but after that the members got busy with other projects. Back then we tried out different approaches to music, playing both originals and covers. We experimented quite a lot, trying to find the possibilities and the limitations for the instrumental setting of the group. We were fortunate to play quite a lot of gigs, and our pulsslag-tour in the spring of 2000 took us to no less than 16 cities all around Sweden.

In the fall of 2016 we met again. We remembered 20 years had gone by and realized how much fun and exciting it would be to continue where we left off! Now with so much more experience to draw from, both musically and of course from life in general. What an incredible feeling it was to play again!! This time around though, the focus is on our own music. Welcome to our world!

Almaz Yebio: vocals
Karl-Martin Almqvist: saxophones
Mattias Hjorth: bass
Peter Nilsson: drums

Recorded by David Carlsson @ Gula Studion, Malmö
Mixed and mastered by Mats Ingvarsson @ Bonegoet Studio
Produced by the band
Photos by Christer Männikus
Cover artwork by Martin Jutéus
Cover design by Pontus Dahlström

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